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STORYTELLER: Mother and Aunt LOCATION: Capon District, Hardy County West Virginia YEAR TOOK PLACE:
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Hardy County, West Virginia HOW HEARD: traditional story

I am the great grandson of Nancy Gates, who was from Hampshire County WV. There have been stories told to me who my ancestors were and the hardship that they encountered. I have been told that grandma Nancy was a midwife who would go from farm to farm helping the women who were about to give birth. In fact I have the bed that she use to sleep in. She would ride her horse on a side-saddle and would take the bed apart and carry it on her horse. She would have a tick it was called for a matteress. When she got to the farm where she was suppose to stay, they would have one of the hired hands fill the tick up with straw. It takes 80 feet of rope to weave around the spools to make the springs. Her bed was always put up in the same room that the mother to be was sleeping so she could be close by.

The first document that I have been able to locate was in 1870. She is on the Hampshire County, WV census when she was 17 years of age. I was told she was from in and around North River, which is close by to Romney,WV. Her daughter's name was Nancy Jane Gates.

Nancy Jane married Samuel Grandison who was the son of Edward and Sarah Grandison who were slaves on the Clagget Property at Wardensville. He is my mother's father. I have been reseasching since 1997and still have a ways to go.

My other grandparents are Edward and Elizabeth Payne. In my reseach I have found these surnames. Grandison, Robinson, Payne, Gates, Fords, Lewis. The area that all of this has aquired is in Hardy County WV.

To my knowledge the Payne's did not come in the area until the 1890's.

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