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STORYTELLER: Mother, Grandmother LOCATION: Macon, Georgia YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1848
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Atlanta, Georgia HOW HEARD: Mother's story, book

My great-great-great-great Grandmother and Grandfather, Ellen and William Craft escaped from slavery in Macon, Georgia in 1848. Ellen was very fair. She and William came up with the idea of having Ellen pretend to be a white male planter who had injured his arm (so Ellen who could write, wouldn't have to with her good hand). William posed as the "planters" slave.

Ellen and William escaped to Philadelphia, then to Boston and ultimately to England. Along the way they received helped from abolitionists including the help of Frederick Douglass. My mother did some exstensive research many years ago and while doing so she found a picture of Frederick Douglass among our families records.

The entire story of Ellen and William Craft is told in "Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom." I do not know where the parents of Ellen and William originated from, perhaps one day we will learn.

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