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STORYTELLER: LOCATION: Yazoo County Mississippi YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1880s

During the Wednesday broadcast Prof. Gates related how unusual it was to find an ancestors in the census rolls who was born in Africa. The next day I returned to researching my wife's family examing the rolls for Yazoo County, Misssissippi in the 1880 census. I had been looking for my wife's grandfather's father and antecedents. I found him and his wife John and Emmaline Slaughter in the 1900s rolls. I took the next step to 1880s and found John Slaughter at the right age living with the Wes Slaughter family. Included in the household was a woman named Whitington C whose relationship to the head of the household was "grandmother." She was 100 years of age and her birthplace was listed as Africa, as well as that of her parents. No African location or region was cited. This is not a story that has been prevelant in my wife's family stories. Only the reason for the change of their surname from Slaughter to Wesley. What a coincidence! And so rare. You can imagine how pleased I was to find something like that so close to the broadcast. I had to share this with your collection of stories.

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