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STORYTELLER: Brother LOCATION: Libya and Eritrea YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1995

I have been drawn to African culture since my youth. In my early 20's much to my family's dismay I met a man from Sudan who seemed to feel like a close tie. I fell in love with him. I had felt a strong identity with Egyptian culture as a girl saw myself there.

Later at age 28 I met another African and I fell in love again. He was an Eritrean and I travelled to East Africa where I felt ancients part of my soul awakening. I wrote about my journey in poetry and thought this was a quirk of my own. About five years ago, my brother found photos of my father's cousins who were in Libya and Eritrea. I also met Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum author of "Black Madonnas of Italy" and Dark Mother African Origins Web site. Her family was also from Sicily which has many sites of the dark mothers of Africa where she was venerated as Isis/ madonna. I had never known of this before. Lucia has traced African origins in Europeans and written about it. I am now sure some of my family from Sicily has African ancestry as well and that was in part why I was "called" to make this journey of self discovery.

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