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Sharing Stories
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STORYTELLER: grandmother LOCATION: Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1811
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: magnolia springs, texas HOW HEARD: family reunion

Jim Shankle, born 1811 in slavery, married Winnie who already had 3 children: 2 boys and a girl. Winnie was born in 1814. Both were sold and separated. One story says Winnie was sold and sent to Texas and Jim was sold and sent to Mississippi. Jim escaped to get back to his wife, Winnie. He left with the clothes on his back. He traveled 400 miles through waters and roads. He found winnie. For several days Winnie would go to the woods at night and feed her husband. Realizing they might always live like this, she went to her master and explained her situation. The master had mercy and purchased Jim. After emancipation Jim and Steve McBribe bought 4000 acres of land and developed saw mill, grit mill, cotton, gin, and college between 1883-1909.

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