Life’s Third Age

November 19, 2020

Life’s Third Age premieres Saturday, November 28 at 7 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

Retired. Senior Citizen. Elder. Grandparent. From what used to be a short period in which to rest, relax, and wind down after a life of hard work, the last third of our lives is now being reimagined as an unprecedented time for new freedoms, personal reinventions, and renewed purpose.

Life’s Third Age is an original television special hosted by Ken Dychtwald, PhD, considered North America’s foremost thought leader regarding aging, longevity, and retirement. Dr. Dychtwald shares a wide range of innovative ways that today’s retirees and future generations will enjoy unimagined options and opportunities in Life’s Third Age.

Grey-haired Black woman in t-shirt that says Volunteer

As shown in this graphic, some consider the third age as beginning at age 60. There are freedoms from earlier responsibilities, and new freedoms to do new things. Those in the third age benefit from emotional intelligence based on life experience. Many find new purpose in giving back to society or their close circle of friends and family, including volunteering. What will you do?