Theater Close-Up Season 1

Beyond the bright lights of Broadway – the electric signage that led to its moniker as “The Great White Way” — exists another world: Off-Broadway, a varied and rich wellspring of creativity and innovation. It is the place where both the next generation of actors, playwrights, and directors are developing their voices and veteran talents return to explore their artistic passions.

Presented by acclaimed actress Sigourney Weaver, the plays run the emotional and thematic gamut: from Richard Nelson’s cycle “The Apple Family Plays,” presented by The Public Theater; Hamish Linklater’s “The Vandal,” presented by The Flea Theater; Denis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson’s “An Iliad,” presented by New York Theatre Workshop; Brian Richard Mori’s “Hellman v. McCarthy,” presented by Abingdon Theatre Company; and an encore presentation of The Flea’s “Looking at Christmas” by Steven Banks.

Click on the plays below to read about the cast and creative of each production. Watch the full videos, below.
Close-Up on London Wall
Close-Up on The Apple Family Plays
Close-Up on The Vandal
Close-Up on An Iliad

You are about to see a play as it was written and performed on stage. Some may find the language or content objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised.