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The 51st State

Episode Description
Hal Levenson and John Hamilton discuss issues Governor Malcolm Wilson broached in his State of the State Address from Albany, after showing a brief excerpt of the Address; Crane Davis reports on the mysterious death of three inmates in a Trenton State prison; Richard Kotuk gives an update on the overcrowding of the Soundview Welfare Center in the Bronx; Benita Eisler reports on the upcoming vote on the collective bargaining and unionization of professors at New York University. A three-part filmed report on the careers of three new city councilmen begins with a personal profile on Louis Gigante, using still photographs only. Gordon Weil continues his economic survey of the Tri-State area with New Jersey Outlook ?74; and Dan Chaykin reports on court watchers: the retired men and women who sit in on court cases.

Wilson, Malcolm (Gov.) -- New York (N.Y.)
Prisoners Death -- Trenton (N.J.)
Welfare economics -- Bronx (N.Y.)
Collective bargaining and Labor unions Organizing -- New York University
Gigante, Louis -- City council members -- New York (N.Y.)
Economic outlook -- New Jersey


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Hamilton, John

Other Credits
Chaykin, Dan (Reporter, Court Watchers)
Davis, Crane (Reporter, Trenton State Prision deaths)
Eisler, Benita (Reporter, New York University)
Levenson, Hal (Reporter, State of the State Address)
Weil, Gordon (Reporter, New Jersey Outlook '74)

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