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The 51st State
Youth Gangs in the South Bronx

Episode Description
On fourth show of the first season, Patrick Watson and Hal Levenson discuss the outcome of the Board of Estimate vote on the Camden Towers dispute between the developers and future tenants. A clip from Tony Batten's film about the youth of the South Bronx is shown. The film originally aired on the WNET series "Free Time" in 1971. Then, a full length film by Batten called "Ain't Gonna Eat My Mind" follows, which is a continuation of the story of the murder of a young gang member in the South Bronx and its aftermath. After the film, Patrick Watson and Batten lead a live studio dialogue between the gang members featured in the film.

Gangs -- Bronx (N.Y.)


Copyright Holder
Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Batten, Tony

Watson, Patrick

Gross, Ted (Youth Gangs in the South Bronx)
Barbell, Mario (Youth Gangs in the South Bronx)
Antonetty, Evelina (Youth Gangs in the South Bronx)
Caine, Lorraine (Youth Gangs in the South Bronx)
Dominguez, Mannie (Youth Gangs in the South Bronx)

Other Credits
Batten, Tony (Writer)
Henriquez, Herme (as Sound Engineer)
Levenson, Hal (Reporter)
Levey, Charles (as Additional Photography)
Watson, Patrick (Reporter)

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