The 51st State
Episode #395

Episode Description
Richard Kotuk film reports on his ride along with cops from an Anti-Crime unit in Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Selwyn Raab speaks with Moshe Dayan about American-Egypt relations and the state of the world.

Bedford-Stuyvesant -- (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Law enforcement


Copyright Holder
Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Raab, Selwyn

Kotuk, Richard (Cops)
Anson, Robert Sam
Chaykin, Dan
Gilson, Gary
Glauber, Stephen
Hoffman, Milton
Jansen, Gail
Richard Kotuk
Levenson, Hal
Levin, Al
McBride, Fern
Pool, Marquita

Hamilton, John

Dayan, Moshe

Other Credits
Alessandro, Rosanne (as Reporters)
Aravella, Victor (as Video)
Armstrong, Kay (as Sound)
Barnard, Aubrey (as Assistant Cameramen)
Barry, John (as Telecine)
Bazadona, Michael (Associate Director)
Besink, Nick (as Audio)
Bjerke, Per Arne (as Video)
Blanck, Peter (as Assistant Camera, Cops)
Blanck, Peter (as Assistant Cameramen)
Boyer, Rudy (as Assistant Cameramen)
Boyer, Rudy (as Second Film Crew, Cops)
Bruno, Lou (as Audio)
Burroughs, Henrietta (as Reporters)
Cammisa, Jerry (as Film Editors)
Carucci, Ciro (as Camera Crew)
Chekmayan, Ara (Cops)
Chekmayan, Ara (as Film Editors)
Christodoulou, Jon (as Sound, Cops)
Chumbley, Leonard (Technical Director)
Clark, Leslie (as Editorial Assistant)
Clifford, Judy (as Reporters)
Crawford, Ken (as Videotape Editor)
Curtis, Phil (as Reporters)
Dane, Isabella (as Reporters)
Davis, Crane (as Reporters)
DeJan, Charles (Sound Mixer)
DeJan, Charles (as Film Sound Mix)
DiSanto, Guido (as Assistant Editors)
Echeverria, Diego (as Reporters)
Edel, Walter (as Camera Crew)
Eisler, Benita (as Reporters)
Elliott, Clint (as Assistant Editors)
Feiner, Lisa (as Reporters)
Foresta, Tony (as Film Cameramen)
Fort, William C. (as Make Up)
Fristachi, Dianne (as Production Coordinator)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Hamilton, John (Editor)
Hanley, Francis X. (as Vidifont)
Hashii, Ginny (as Second Film Crew, Cops)
Hashii, Virginia (as Sound)
Hubbard, Kris (as Reporters)
Jackson, Robert (as Film Editors)
Kligman, Mona (Production Manager)
Knox, Jeffrey (as Editorial Assistant)
Levey, Charles (as Camera)
Levey, Charles (as Film Cameramen)
Lombardi, Bill (as Videotape Editor)
Lynch, Kevin (as Editorial Assistant)
MacAndrew, Gail (as News unit Field Producer)
Mahn, Tony (as Production Assistant)
Malloy, James (as Film Cameramen)
Malloy, Jim (as Second Film Crew, Cops)
Marinelli, Rudy (as Film Editors)
Marshall, Tony (Associate Director)
Mattern, Simki (as Editorial Assistant)
McSorley, Liam (as Editorial Assistant)
Milito, Sebastian (as Still Photography)
Moore, Jody (as Reporters)
Morris, Robert (Associate Director)
Mull, Martin (as Theme Music)
Murray Jr, Samuel (as Reporters)
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (as Production Assistant)
Pekurney, Paul (as Videotape Editor)
Pellegrino, Mike (as Film Editors)
Polizzotto, Frank (as Camera Crew)
Romano, Linda (as Still Photography)
Schaef, Nancy (as Editorial Assistant)
Schorn, Fred (as Videotape Editor)
Simon, Miller (Associate Producer)
Smirnoff, Paul (Coordinating Producer)
Wax, Robert (as Videotape Editor)
White, Newton (as Scenic Design by)

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