The Orchestra

Meet the musicians
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Eric Jacobsen

Eric Jacobsen, Conductor

Diana Cohen

Diana Cohen, Violin

Christina Courtin

Christina Courtin, Violin

Miranda Cuckson

Miranda Cuckson, Violin

Lily Francis

Lily Francis, Violin

Johnny Gandelsman

Johnny Gandelsman, Violin

Kristi Helberg

Kristi Helberg, Violin

Nanae Iwata

Nanae Iwata, Violin

Colin Jacobsen

Colin Jacobsen, Violin

Tomoko Katsura

Tomoko Katsura, Violin

Ariana Kim

Ariana Kim, Violin

John Marcus

John Marcus, Violin

Yayra Matyakubova

Yayra Matyakubova, Violin

Aisslinn Nosky

Aisslinn Nosky, Violin

Christopher Otto

Christopher Otto, Violin

Guillaume Pirard

Guillaume Pirard, Violin

Adriane Post

Adriane Post, Violin

Joseph Puglia

Joseph Puglia, Violin

Kyle Armbrust

Kyle Armbrust, Viola

Nick Cords

Nick Cords, Viola

Max Mandel

Max Mandel, Viola

Miranda Sielaff

Miranda Sielaff, Viola

Lev Zhurbin

Lev Zhurbin, Viola

Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee, Cello

Mike Block

Mike Block, Cello

Jane Cords-O'Hara

Jane Cords-O'Hara, Cello

Alex Greenbaum

Alex Greenbaum, Cello

Julia MacLaine

Julia MacLaine, Cello

Joseph Bongiorno

Joseph Bongiorno, Double Bass

Zach Cohen

Zach Cohen, Double Bass

Grey Fulmer

Grey Fulmer, Double Bass

Joseph Higgins

Joseph Higgins, Double Bass

Peter Rosenfeld

Peter Rosenfeld, Double Bass

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, Flute

Alex Sopp

Alex Sopp, Flute

Adam Hollander

Adam Hollander, Oboe

James Roe

James Roe, Oboe

Ben Baron

Ben Baron, Clarinet

Sarah Beaty

Sarah Beaty, Clarinet

Romie de Guise-Langlois

Romie de Guise-Langlois, Clarinet

Alicia Lee

Alicia Lee, Clarinet

Carol McGonnell

Carol McGonnell, Clarinet

Edward Burns

Edward Burns, Bassoon

Martin Garcia

Martin Garcia, Bassoon

Erik Holtje

Erik Holtje, Bassoon

Damian Primis

Damian Primis, bassoon

Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson, French Horn

Pat Pridemore

Pat Pridemore, French Horn

Josh Frank

Josh Frank, Trumpet

Tim Albright

Tim Albright, Trombone

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson, Trombone

Steven Beck

Steven Beck, Piano

Bridget Kibbey

Bridget Kibbey, Harp

Anna Reinersman

Anna Reinersman, Harp

Joseph Gramley

Joseph Gramley, Percussion

Luke Rinderknecht

Luke Rinderknecht, Percussion