1915 - Second Floor
Rogarshevsky Family
Abraham and Fannie, with their four older children, emigrated from Russia in 1901. Henry (age 12) and Phillip (age 8) were born in the U.S. This morning the Rogarshevskys are preparing for the first Seder, the ceremonial meal that begins the Jewish festival of Passover. Bessie is putting a quarter in the gas meter while her father puts away the everyday crockery in a trunk. Clara Kaplan, a boarder, gives Phillip a bag of bread crumbs and bread (chumetz) swept up from every corner of the apartment. Phillip will either burn the chumetz himself or give it to the children in the street who will do the burning for a few pennies. Henry folds the bedding where he and his brothers slept on the couch extended by chairs.