1915 - Fifth Floor
Confino Family
This is the most crowded of the apartments--ten people are living here! The Confinos are Sephardic Jews from Kastoria, Greece, which was part of the Ottoman Empire. Because it is the first morning of the Jewish holiday period of Passover, which begins at sundown, this family is involved in preparation for the Seder or Passover meal. As Sephardim, their Passover customs, food, and language (Ladino) differ from the Rogarshevsky's Eastern European Ashkenazic tradition. Rachel Confino is about to kill a carp for "Peshi al Forno" (baked fish with a tomato-vinegar sauce) while the children are fighting for a piece of Passover candy (Koopeta). The children in this family sleep on orange crates while others may sleep on "mantas" (thick rugs) spread on the floor.