1915 - Third Floor, Rear
Chereska Family
Phillip and Olga Chereska live here with their daughter, Annie (age: 18 months), and four boarders. Samuel Maronschick, one of the boarders, is ill. At a time of rampant tuberculosis he'll be lucky if his problem is a terrible cold. Remedy? Olga will try "cupping." Cupping, a therapeutic practice used to draw blood from the surface of the skin, was widely followed by doctors and barbers. Meanwhile, Annie is drawn to the glittering of the razor blade which has been put down on the table by another boarder who is shaving. Adam Pukach, a boarder, spills his coffee as he attempts to keep her from harm. Albert Rosenblatt, owner of 97 Orchard Street in 1915, is seen talking with Phillip in the front room.