Exclusive Patron Events

Throughout the year Patrons are invited to a host of events, each designed to bring you closer to the station, your favorite shows, and leaders in thought, entertainment, and journalism.

Screening Series

Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen in Great Performances: King Lear

Patrons enjoy special advanced screenings of upcoming programs and interesting feature films. Past viewings have included Jewish Americans, Artopia, Great Performances: King Lear, American Masters: Jerome Robbins, Carrier, Masterpiece Classic: Jane Austin and My Boy Jack with guest Kim Cattrall.

Luncheons and Dinners

Martin Savidge

Martin Savidge, anchor, Worldfocus

Patron Day Luncheons and tours are a favorite way for Patrons to see the behind the scenes and learn more about the station. Our last Patron Day featured WNET President and CEO, Neal Shapiro as well as Worldfocus anchor, Martin Savidge.


Martin Savidge

Amy Sedaris, Stephen Segaller, VP of Content, and Richard Belzer sharing a laugh at the Make ‘Em Laugh Patron reception.

Patrons are invited to receptions that allow supporters to truly connect with THIRTEEN. Recently, donors met the cast and crew of This Old House over cocktails in the program’s just-completed Brooklyn brownstone renovation. They were invited to celebrate with Make ‘Em Laugh producer Michael Kantor and the evening’s host, Amy Sedaris, as they discussed the groundbreaking series on the history of American comedy.