How do I access THIRTEEN Passport on my Roku device?

THIRTEEN Passport is a benefit for current THIRTEEN members who contribute at least $5/month or $60/year. If you are a current THIRTEEN member, have already “activated” your THIRTEEN Passport benefit, and have a Roku device, you can watch THIRTEEN Passport content on your Roku.

  • If you are not currently a THIRTEEN member, please become a member. The last step of the donation process will be to “activate” your THIRTEEN Passport benefit.
  • If you are already a THIRTEEN member but have not yet “activated” your THIRTEEN Passport benefit click here for activation instructions.

Follow the next steps ONLY after you have already activated your THIRTEEN Passport benefit.

1. Download the THIRTEEN Explore Channel to your Roku device (any device currently supported by Roku will play our channel, including all Roku TV models).
Click here to visit Roku’s website and add the THIRTEEN Explore Channel to your Roku. An alternate method is to add the channel from your Roku home screen: go to Streaming Channels -> Search Channels -> type in “THIRTEEN Explore” -> Add channel -> Go to channel.

2. The first time you open THIRTEEN Explore on your Roku after you install it, you will see the screen below asking you to “pair” your device.
Pairing screen from the Thirteen Explore Roku app
The orange eight-character “code” you see will be unique to your device, and you must use the code from YOUR device, NOT THE CODE FROM THE ABOVE EXAMPLE.

If you have previously installed THIRTEEN Explore on your Roku and you don’t see the screen above when you start up THIRTEEN Explore on your Roku, you can get to the screen above by going to the “Settings” menu of THIRTEEN Explore and selecting “log out”, and then “re-pair”, as in the screens below.
Menu to clear preferences
Menu item to re-pair the Roku device

3. You should then see the “Pair Now” screen on your Roku. Leave that screen up and visible in your Roku, and visit in a Web browser on your computer or smartphone, where you will see the screen below. Enter the orange eight-character “code” from the THIRTEEN Explore Roku “Pair Now” screen and then click “continue”.
Web form to enter pairing code

4. You will next see the screen below with choices to sign in. When you “activated” your THIRTEEN Passport benefit, you signed in with Google, Facebook, or PBS Account; choose the same sign in method you used when you “activated” your THIRTEEN Passport benefit.
Screen to select login method

5. You will probably next be prompted to “sign in” by the service (Google, Facebook, or PBS Account) that you selected. If you are already signed in with that service on your computer or smartphone you might not be prompted to sign in.

6. You will probably next be prompted to “Authorize Thirteen Explore”, which allows your sign in to be used with our app. That will look something like the screen below; you must click “Authorize” to be able to watch THIRTEEN Passport content on your device. If you’ve previously authorized a THIRTEEN Explore app you might not see this prompt.
Screen prompting for authorization for Thirteen Explore app

7. You’ll briefly see a “pairing your device” message, and then the “success” screen below:
Screen showing success message

From this point forward, THIRTEEN Passport content will be visible in your THIRTEEN Explore Roku app, indicated by a “compass” icon as in the example screen below.
Roku app screen showing the Victoria show with Passport episodes