New York politics – from City Hall to Albany

Four Loko: Not Your Daddy’s State-Approved Vice

Unlike big tobacco or beer, wine and liquor, the caffeinated alcoholic drink was undone by a lack of political clout
Sarah Laskow | November 19th, 2010
There’s a reason why Sen. Chuck Schumer has succeeded in his campaign to ban Four Loko. Those who disapprove of the drink have political clout. Those who like it, don’t. ...

New York City Liberals Stare Down Cuomo

Avi Zenilman | September 15th, 2010
“I’m glad you all stayed up,” State Senator Eric Schneiderman told the cheering crowd at the Grand Hyatt. It was 1 a.m., the platters of cheese and curiously ...

Bloomberg’s Worst Enemy

Avi Zenilman | August 30th, 2010
The fight over Park51 has, for the most part, divided along partisan lines. Republicans have almost unanimously lined up against the plan, while most of the plan’s ...

Paterson’s Last Grab for Relevance

Avi Zenilman | August 13th, 2010
David Paterson is back! Kind of. As Governor-in-waiting Andrew Cuomo enters what must be the middle stretch of his endless inauguration, the current governor has been trying ...
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