New York politics – from City Hall to Albany

Can Andrew Cuomo Clean Up Albany?

Sarah Laskow | December 21st, 2010
Like so many reform-minded governors before him, Andrew Cuomo has pledged to eradicate the tangle of ethical problems eating his state’s government from the inside out. And ...

Fate of 9/11 First Responders Bill Could Hinge on Schumer

New Yorkers whose health was permanently damaged on 9/11 have to hope he will lobby for the bill's inclusion in the tax package
Sarah Laskow | December 10th, 2010
New York’s representatives in Washington — some of them, at least — have been working for years to win funding for first responders suffering from health issues ...

The Rangel Censure

Sarah Laskow | December 3rd, 2010
No one likes being scolded. It’s worse when it happens in front of your colleagues, and on C-SPAN, and when the event appears in the papers the next day. The House voted to ...

A Very Special Session with David Paterson

Forget relevance, the governor's latest play was for something more personal
Sarah Laskow | December 1st, 2010
David Paterson called the state legislature to Albany this week as an act of absolution. “The purpose of this session was as much to clear my conscience as anything else,” ...
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