New York politics – from City Hall to Albany

Going Local: Cuomo’s Play for Consolidation

The governor's first budget offers incentives for many of the state's villages and towns to consolidate.
Sarah Laskow | June 8th, 2011
When Andrew Cuomo advocates for smaller government, he does not mean, as conservatives often do, that the government should do less. He means that the government should be ...

Deal Reached on Ethics Reform

Sarah Laskow | June 6th, 2011
On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and Speaker Sheldon Silver announced a deal on ethics reforms, yet another of Cuomo’s legislative priorities. The ...

Weiner’s Dilemma: The Litany of Sexual Impropriety

Recent scandals have made it difficult to give politicians accused of sexual misconduct the benefit of the doubt.
Sarah Laskow | June 1st, 2011
Mark Foley was guilty. So were Larry Craig and Eliot Spitzer. John Edwards was not only having an affair with Rielle Hunter, but he was the father of her child. And, yes, that ...

Albany in Brief: Three Issues to Shape End of Session

Same-sex marriage, a property-tax cap, and redistricting reform will likely define the final four weeks in Albany.
Sarah Laskow | May 23rd, 2011
Up in Albany, the end of the session is looming: Just four weeks remain before legislators leave for their summer break. Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders have been hashing ...

Rent Guidelines and the Myth of Fairness

Sarah Laskow | May 3rd, 2011
For the past month, the city’s Rent Guidelines Board has been meeting in a dingy room on the ninth floor of the Manhattan Municipal Building. The room is usually used by the ...

The Fate of Rent Regulation

Sarah Laskow | April 25th, 2011
They’re out there. You’ll hear about them occasionally. You might even know one. They might be subletting from a sublettor, but they pay $1,000 for a one-bedroom on the ...

Andrew Cuomo’s Popularity Wave

Sarah Laskow | April 18th, 2011
It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in politics just by doing what you said you were going to do. Paterson, Spitzer, Pataki — all of their poll numbers took a ...

The New York Education of Jason Helgerson

Sarah Laskow | April 11th, 2011
Getting the budget passed on time has earned Andrew Cuomo a round of hosannas for his shrewd political maneuvering. But one of the smartest moves that Cuomo has made since ...
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