Group Instructions

Your group will build one puppet that will represent a particular person or force that was depicted in the video Shadowplay. Your teacher will assign a particular puppet to your group.

  1. Using your graphic organizer, decide as a group what symbols or shapes best identify the person or force that your puppet may represent. For instance, if you are making a puppet representing the PKI, a silhouette of a hammer and sickle would be easily understood.

  2. Consider carefully that tour puppet is not intended to be seen, rather its shadow is. Thus its shape will be the most important thing in its construction. For instance, if you wish to use a hammer and sickle as part of its design, light will have to pass through part of it in order for an audience to discern its shape when its shadow is cast on the screen.

  3. Begin first by drawing the shape of your puppet. The puppet should be no smaller than 15 inches tall. Consider how its elements work or don't work in representing the person or force that your puppet is intended to represent.

  4. Trace the design onto the black poster board by using the white carbon paper. (put the carbon paper between your drawing and the poster board and trace over your design)

  5. Cut out the design.

    (If you are going to use it in a performance, animate it by connecting its limbs with thread and tape the wire, dowel, or cardboard to the body and limbs so that it may move.)

  6. Mount the puppet on white paper so that it may be displayed on a wall.

  7. Neatly write up a display card, using the index card. It should contain information that:

    • identifies your puppet

    • explains your design and choice of symbolic elements

    • describes the role the puppet plays in the events.

  8. Appoint one from the group to serve as a curator of the exhibited piece who will explain it to the class.

  9. You will now rejoin your classmates.

  10. Curators from each group will now interpret the display so that students may see the exhibit as a whole and how the parts relate.