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Director & Co-Producer: Chris Hilton
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Producer: Sylvie Le Clezio
About the Film

Chris Hilton
Director & Co-Producer

Chris Hilton was born in Australia and grew up in Central Java, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. He received an undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Sydney, and a diploma in film production from the University of Technology, Sydney. Chris has been making documentary films since 1986 on everything from social and political issues to travel/adventure.

Chris's more recently completed projects as director include Dealing with the Demon, a three hour series for ABC and PBS on the history of the illicit opium and heroin trade that was filmed in eleven Asian countries as well as Europe and North America. Advertising Missionaries for ABC, Canal+, and France 3, was shot on location in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and dealt with consumer incursion. It was selected for competition at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. Previous projects include films about Irian Jaya, Antarctica, and Australian Aborigines.
photo of a shadow play

In Javanese, a shadow play, in which shadows are projected against a backlit screen, is called "wayang kulit."

Shadowplay is the first film Chris has directed in the last five years, having been busy as a producer and executive producer on projects such as Year of the Dogs , Renzo Piano -- Piece by Piece, The Hacktivists (55 min), The Irish Empire (5 x 1 hour), Bondi (6 x 30 min), and Drama School (9 x 30min).

Sylvie Le Clezio

Sylvie's previous company, Grand Bay Films, produced Allies (co-produced by Allan Francovich), directed by Marian Wilkinson in 1983, The Cocacola Kid ( Directed by Dusan Makavejev), which screened in competition in Cannes in 1985, and Storyville (starring James Spader and Jason Robards) in 1991, the latter for Twentieth Century Fox.

Sylvie's true calling is documentary filmmaking and she joined Allan Francovich in 1982 and has worked on a number of his films, including The Maltese Double Cross, which included research and vital American-based interviews conducted by Sylvie with several key intelligence figures. With her new company, Sylvie directed I Cover the Waterfront for SBS.

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