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  • Swing

    An elderly man discovers the true mystery of life - and beyond.

  • Where Is Your Head?

    It's just another morning... but one thing's missing.

  • Roux

    A space with no doors or windows leaves room for adventure.

  • #telecloaque

    The transition to new forms of entertainment turns dark.

  • Nunday

    Small-town residents in Ireland come together to combat suicide.

  • Playing with Fire

    You can't start a fire without a spark.

  • Klops

    Going to the cinema is always a matter of joy, that unless... this is an episode in the Story of a “unique” character who loves cinema because of some peculiar reasons.

  • Unsung Hero

    Toys come alive when a young boy heads out to have lunch. A princess is kidnapped. Will she be saved by the time the boy gets back?

  • The Louse and the Flea

    A fairy tale retold in a new and modern way. This is the story of a nice bug couple who over dramatizes till things get a bit out of hand.

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