• As You Are Now

    A desperate man attempts a series of increasingly serious offenses.

  • Isles

    A distant island is brought closer by a young man’s telescope.

  • The Artworks of Burton Silverman

    Fans and connoisseurs (including Bill Moyers and Morley Safer) discuss the work of the renowned American portraitist.

  • The Blacksmith

    Ken Schwarz describes life as one of the last remaining blacksmiths practicing the ancient tradition.

  • Flying Solo

    A 92 year-old transgender WWII veteran struggles for her legal rights as a widow.

  • Finding Welkin

    A young woman searches for connection in a disconnected world.

  • Holes in The Mountain

    A ride on a freight train yields thoughts of nature, road kill, god and the human soul.

  • Just Another Sense

    A community comes together by attending art classes at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind.

  • Juggle

    A couple struggles to make a living in the arts, while preparing for the arrival of their first child.

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