What’s your favorite time travel movie?

November 20, 2020 | Katelin Levy

Much as the cinema quickly learned how to displace us in space, the ability of moving between the now and the then has been a frequent inspiration for filmmakers. What’s your favorite time travel movie?

Chris Marker’s La Jetée and Terry Gilliam’s adaptation 12 Monkeys are both classic time travel films, with a man going back in time trying in vain to save the world and to find his lost love,. Je t’aime, je t’aime, Alain Resnais’s fifth feature film, explores memory and time in beautiful ways, and also features what may be the most comfortable looking furniture in all of film, a time-traveling, brain-like couch.

Our Reel 13 host Richard Peña has some great picks, “Certainly plenty to choose from. I really enjoyed Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, until it tried to explain what was going on. There’s also a wonderful Spanish thriller called Time Crimes that’s a model of how much you can do without special effects.”

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