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What’s your favorite Otto Preminger film?

February 23, 2023 | Julia Corbett

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965).

This week’s question: the films of Otto Preminger. Often satirized for his supposedly Prussian authoritarian style, Preminger perfected a distanced, crisp style that highlighted the ambiguities in his stories. What’s your favorite Otto Preminger film? 

Pushing the envelope of what was possible in 50’s Hollywood, Anatomy of a Murder has been praised by legal scholars as an accurate depiction of a courtroom trial. Starring James Stewart and Lee Remick, the film includes a score by Duke Ellington and an intro featuring animation from Saul Bass. 

And here is what Reel 13 Richard Peña thinks, “Preminger himself considered Laura his first serious film, and it’s also one of his best. But give an odd mid-‘60s British thriller, Bunny Lake is Missing, a chance if you’ve never seen it—or even if you have.” 

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