What’s your favorite movie with animal/human companionship?

November 15, 2019 | Katelin Levy

Au Hasard, Balthazar (1966)

This week’s question: films about animals, or more specifically human interaction with animals?  That interaction has to be the main point of the film, so no Thin Man movies, please.

If you want wacky fun, look no further than George Miller’s Babe: Pig in the City. If you want terrifying, real danger that can happen when animals are put in films, seek out Roar, in which 70 crew members were injured during filming, including a young Melanie Griffith.

As for our host, Richard Peña, here are his thoughts, “Probably the most remarkable film made about humans and animals is Robert Breson’s extraordinary Au Hasard, Balthazar, described by Jean-Luc Godard as “the world in an hour and a half.”  But a remarkable recent film is For the Birds by Richard Miron, a moving chronicle of a woman who turns her property into a bird sanctuary, hosting literally hundreds of her feathered friends, much to the consternation of family, friends and eventually the government.”

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