What’s your favorite Katharine Hepburn performance?

October 11, 2019 | Katelin Levy

Long Days Journey into Night (1962)

Known for her New England charm and her remarkable fashion sense, Katharine Hepburn has always been regarded as one of Classic Hollywood’s greatest actresses. What’s your favorite Katharine Hepburn performance?

Most fans would know here from such classic comedies as Holiday or The Philadelphia Story. For a comedy that’s not as well remembered, George Cukor’s cross-dressing farce Syliva Scarlett was daring for its time and still charming.

Here is what our host Richard Peña has to say. “As the years pass, Hepburn’s stature as an actress has grown even greater in my estimation. She always instantly elevates any film in which she appeared. My two favorite of her films that spring to mind right now are Bringing Up Baby, the most classic of classic screwball comedies, and for a darker side of her talent, her epic rendering of Mary Tyone in Sydney Lumet’s Long Days Journey into Night.”


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