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What’s your favorite George Cukor film? 

June 22, 2022 | Julia Corbett

George Cukor. A director much loved by actors, Cukor has rarely received the praise he deserves for the visual style of his films, seemingly simple at first glance but much more complex when really studied. What’s your favorite George Cukor film? 

Most classic George Cukor films come after the Hays Code, but his pre-code films are often hilarious as well. Girls About Town follows the gleefully amoral golddiggers Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman as they hang on to businessman Joel McCrea. 

Here is what Richard Peña thinks: “So many old favorites to choose from. As much as I love The Philadelphia Story, I think perhaps that Holiday, also with Hepburn and Grant, is an even sharper film. And despite Warner Brothers tinkering with the final cut, A Star is Born is still enormously moving.”  

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