What’s your favorite film about a political candidate?

July 24, 2020 | Katelin Levy

This week’s question: films about political candidates. Candidates seem tailor-made for the cinema, their mix of reality and theatrics being the perfect screen formula.

If you want to fall over laughing learning about the rat problem in San Bernadino, you should watch Mister America. An extension of the On Cinema at the Cinema cinematic universe, Tim Heidecker plays a fictionalized, pompous version of himself as he runs to unseat the local district attorney, who failed to put Tim away after he supplied faulty vape cartridges that led to several deaths.

Here is what our Reel 13 host Richard Peña has to say, “You should check out Michael Ritchie’s rarely seen The Candidate, with one of Robert Redford’s best performances, as well as Warren Beatty’s underrated Bulworth.”

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