What’s your favorite Cary Grant performance?

July 6, 2018 | Chris Mather

Crisis (1950)

This week’s question: Cary Grant. Archie Leach, better known as Cary Grant, defies the “common wisdom” on what makes a great actor. We don’t thrill to his adapting to different characters, but treasure just seeing him be Cary Grant once again. What’s your favorite Cary Grant performance?

Cary Grant was a giant in screwball comedies. From His Girl Friday to The Philadelphia Story to The Awful Truth, he exuded charm and wit like no other. But Hitchcock seemed to get the best out of Grant, not only with North by Northwest but also in Notorious.

For Richard Peña, “My choices would be Bringing Up Baby, strangely his first purely comic role, and Crisis, a little-known Richard Fleischer film set in the midst of a Latin American revolution.”

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