What’s your favorite William Holden performance?

November 22, 2016
William Holden in Network

William Holden in Network

Adapted from playwright William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play, Picnic created a major stir with its bold-for-the-day depiction of the price to be paid by societal conformity and sexual repression. William Holden stars as Hal Carter, a rootless drifter who hops a freight train to a small town in Kansas to seek out his college fraternity brother Alan Benson, played by Cliff Robertson.

This week’s question: William Holden. The original “golden boy” worked in an enormous range of films, with directors ranging from Billy Wilder to Sam Peckinpah. What’s your favorite William Holden performance?

As for host Richard Peña: “Let’s see…I think I’d choose, for an early performance, Holden in The Turning Point, and in the later years was he ever more brilliant than in Network? Indeed, without him I think much of the impact of that film would have been lost.”

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