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What are your favorite Julia Roberts films?

October 6, 2021 | Julia Corbett

This week’s question: Julia Roberts films. Rarely has an actor so suddenly been propelled into super-stardom as was Julia Roberts, who had the unique quality of being that incredibly beautiful woman who happened to live next door. What are your favorite Julia Roberts films?   

Julia Roberts is a delight in the Soderbergh Ocean’s Eleven films, particularly in the second one where she also has to play Julia Roberts. She also can’t be missed in Tony Gilroy’s Duplicity, a twisty and complex film that is anchored by her performance and chemistry with Clive Owen. 

Here is what host Richard Peña has to say, “If you’ve never seen Mary Reilly, a curious take on the Jekyll and Hyde story, you should check it out, and of course, there’s a great performance in Erin Brockavich.” 

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