What was your favorite “re-discovered” sequence in That’s Entertainment! III?

December 8, 2016 | matherc
Still from That’s Entertainment! III

Still from That’s Entertainment! III

Never a place where there could be too much of a good thing, That’s Entertainment! III was produced to commemorate MGM’s 70th anniversary, just as the initial film was released in celebration of the studio’s 50th way back in 1974.  Yet this time the studio and the film’s creative team had a different idea: rather than simply organize another menu of wonderful clips from great MGM musicals (there were still a few gems that hadn’t been included in the first two That’s Entertainment! films), they decided to show the audience material that in fact had been cut of those musicals before they were released.  The result is perhaps even tastier than watching once again all the well-known clips.

Among the many fascinating highlights you’ll see are Lena Horne singing “Ain’t It the Truth” in a bubble bath, deemed too risqué to remain in Cabin in the Sky; a preliminary version of Fred Astaire’s “I Wanna Be a Dancin’ Man” considered too dowdy for Astaire’s dapper image and subsequently reshot; and the elaborate “March of the Doagies” parade with Judy Garland that was dropped from The Harvey Girls.

This week’s question: What was your favorite “re-discovered” sequence in That’s Entertainment! III?

Host Richard Peña’s was “Fascinating Rhythm.” Post yours below!

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