New Reel 13 Blogger: Sam Hutchins presents ‘A Scouting Life’

May 13, 2009
Sam Hutchins, movie location manager

Sam Hutchins, movie location manager

Exciting news here at Reel 13. Sam Hutchins, a veteran location manager and movie scout, will be posting dispatches from his always unpredictable scouting life, as well as interviews and discussions with the unsung workhorses of the film community like himself.

Sam has been working in film production in various capacities for twenty years. He began his career as an overnight security guard on the set of “Working Girl.” From there he worked his way up to parking coordinator, then movie scout, and since 1995, location manager.

For those of you that make films, you know the trials and tribulations of the production process seem endless. Especially on the front lines: the neighborhoods, blocks, and bars in which films are shot on location. Sam’s stories shed light on how to learn a location, connect with the right people, and ultimately maintain the set when the cameras roll.

You can read Sam’s older posts at his former home on tumblr, but starting today, Sam will share his stories right here on Reel 13. He begins with a recent indie he worked on: Wong Kar Wai’s English language debut, My Blueberry Nights, starring Jude Law and Norah Jones. And if Sam’s first post is any indication, his trip across America shooting with one of modern cinema’s true visionaries promises to be a strange and surprising journey. Enjoy!

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