Bulletin Board: Landscapes and New Horizons

March 17, 2017
Still from Brett Story’s The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

Still from Brett Story’s The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes / The Illinois Parables
Museum of the Moving Image
Sunday, March 19, 6:30 PM

Screening as part of New Adventures in Nonfiction
Brett Story in person for The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

If we were to crack open our country’s landscapes, we would find a record of human progress mixed with, as both Brett Story’s The Prison in Twelve Landscapes and Deborah Stratman’s The Illinois Parables suggest, a history stained by actions taken against each other. While the use of geographic space as a way of exploring abstract powers—such as the prison industrial complex, racism, and colonialism, to name a few—grounds both of these films, the double billing reveals the adaptability of the landscape as a cinematic device. Here, where Stratman’s exploration of landscape and politics approaches inquiry through the poetics of space, Story appears to use the landscape as a way of reflecting the rippling effects of both physical and metaphorical prisons. Differences be what they may, taken together, the films’ use of landscape is an important reminder that we all share this country—even if, at times, the only connective tissue we can seem to find is the actual ground we walk on.

Still from Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women

Still from Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women

Certain Women / Meek’s Cutoff
Saturday, March 18, 6:45PM and 9:00PM

Screening as part of the series Kelly Reichardt
Kelly Reichardt in person for both films

Speaking of landscapes, Kelly Reichardt’s use of the American landscapes factors largely into her recent film, Certain Women. Based on series of short stories by Maile Meloy, the film divides into three sections to portray the lives of women in the contemporary west. What results is a thoughtful meditation on relationships, routine, and the smaller aspects of life that weave together to create the far-stretching webs that connect individuals. Certain Women will follow a screening of Reichardt’s devastating tale of survival, Meek’s Cutoff.

Still from Guy Defa’s Person to Person

Still from Guy Defa’s Person to Person

New Directors / New Films 2017
MoMA and Film Society of Lincoln Center
Running through March 26

Celebrating its 46th run, MoMA and the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s New Directors/New Films 2017 features a diverse selection of films from an impressive roster of emerging filmmakers. This year’s festival opened with Geremy Jasper’s Patti Cake$, which follows a young, aspiring rapper from New Jersey. Dustin Guy Defa’s Person to Person, a short film-turned-feature that paints a portrait of New York City through the lives of 42 characters, will close the series.

New Directors/New Films runs from March 15—26. For tickets click here

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