Bulletin Board: Godard at Anthology, Fred & Ginger, Z Channel Presents

July 13, 2018 | Harris Pacey

The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company

Anthology Film Archive

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Anthology Film Archives is playing a newly restored, and somewhat rediscovered, Jean Luc-Godard film this weekend. Made in Godard’s second wave as a filmmaker, a period when he returned back to more traditional narratives after his time in the Dziga Vertov Group, Grandeur et décadence d’un petit commerce de cinema is a somewhat autobiographical film originally made for television. Commissioned for a French television series, it follows a fantastically funny Jean-Pierre Léaud as he tries to get the financing for his film. With appearances by Jean-Luc Godard himself, the film questions the future of cinema, which he had famously pronounced as “dead” 20 years prior.

Fred & Ginger

Film Society at Lincoln Center

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When Fred Astaire was first told that he was being paired with Ginger Rogers in 1934, he sent a telegram to his agent insisting, “What’s all this talk about me being teamed with Ginger Rogers? I will not have it…” During the next 9 years, they made 10 films together and reshaped and redefined the Hollywood Musical. The Film Society of Lincoln Center is hosting a retrospective of all 10 films this weekend.

Z Channel Presents


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Along with Godard’s film-for-television having a theatrical run, why not also watch a film about television? Z Channel Presents celebrates the Los Angeles pay-tv Z Channel, which popularized certain foreign and New Hollywood films while also popularizing the “director’s cut.” Z Channel got their hands on and screened the director’s cut of the notorious Heaven’s Gate, which made that the definitive version and bringing the term “director’s cut” to the general public. Heaven’s Gate is playing this weekend at Metrograph along with other Z Channel classics McCabe & Mrs. Miller and Some Call it Loving, along with Xan Cassavetes’ documentary about the rise and fall of the small company, Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession.

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