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Television engages children. Music, motion, bright colors, fun characters, and simple stories are what children's public television programs are made of - things that grab the attention of young children. Use the magic of public TV to spark your children's sense of curiosity and love of learning. Check out the resources below for tips on watching television with children.

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Choosing the Best for Your Children (PDF)
Guidelines for Rating Children's Television (PDF)
Not All TV is for Kids (PDF)
2 Steps to Smart TV (PDF)
TV Tips (PDF)
What About the News? (PDF)
What Kids Get From TV (PDF)
Why Not Just Turn It Off? (PDF)
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Ideas for Watching TV with Your Child
(Add your own, too!)
  • Use the "pause" button to stop the program and talk with your child

  • Ask your child what she thinks will happen next

  • Encourage your child to sing and dance to the music

  • Ask your child to tell you what he saw and heard during the program

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