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TV is a tool - what children get from it depends on how well it is designed and how well children are guided to use it. To get the most from your TV viewing, you can extend the learning with books and activities. Remember, the learning doesn't have to stop after you turn the TV off or close a book. Check out the resources below for more ideas.

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Activities to Build on What You've Watched (PDF)
Get the Most From Your TV Viewing (PDF)

How often have you heard the words "I want to be a vet when I grow up!" As an educator, you are helping to shape the future of our children and the FutureVet program can help!The FutureVet program offers grade specific presentation materials for educators to utilize for any educational environment. All FutureVet products are pre-packaged by grade level, provide the teacher with interactive activities for the students, fun give-away items, and enough curriculum to teach kids about the fascinating world of veterinary medicine. Since these kits contain medically-based information, a veterinarian is required to purchase them. If you are interested in coordinating a presentation in your community, talk to your local veterinarian and let them know how they can order these wonderful materials. Providing students with the resources to learn about Pets and proper Pet care will help build a more compassionate society. Visit for more information!

Ideas for Doing Activities with Your Child

(Add your own, too!)

  • Give your child lots of new experiences by varying the types of activities you do

  • Use open-ended questions to talk to your child about her process, say things like, "Tell me about your picture."

  • Create a playful atmosphere by providing materials your child can explore and adapt in play.

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