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Children learn best when they are stimulated and engaged. View-Read-Do represents the three sides of the Ready To Learn Learning Triangle. The Ready To Learn Learning Triangle is a teaching tool that addresses various learning styles and engages different senses. Using video (that's the view part), books (that's the read part), and a related activity (that's the do part), parents and caregivers are able to reinforce and expand the child's learning process.
TV Use the magic of public television to spark your child's sense of curiosity and love of learning.
Books Make connections between what you view and what you read.
Activities Take the educational ideas introduced in the PBS kids programs and turn them into concrete learning experiences for young children.

Check out the resources below to learn more about using the Learning Triangle: You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Download it for free here.

The Learning Triangle (PDF)
Using TV in Child Care (PDF)

Why Use the Learning Triangle

  • Children learn through repetition. When using the Learning Triangle, you repeat the same concept three times and three different ways.

  • Every child learns best when ideas are presented in a way that he understands. Using all three sides to introduce a new concept or idea, the Learning Triangle reaches all types of learners.

  • Soak Up the Sun
    Introduce your children to Mr. Golden Sun!
    • VIEW: Sid the Science Kid and join Sid as he learns about rain, sun, wind, and hot and cold temperatures!

    • READ: The Sun Is My Favorite Star, by Frank Asch and experience the role the sun plays in the day of a child!

    • DO: Be a sun scientist! Help your child use a thermometer and see how the sun affects the temperature on different materials.

      Download this month's lesson plan:
    Soak Up the Sun (PDF)

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