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Current Focus:  Talking to Baby

How do you speak to your baby?

Parentese is a sing song, high-pitched way of speaking to babies. Often accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions, parentese helps infants as young as five months old learn simple lip-reading. Researchers have found that infants prefer the sound of parentese to regular adult conversation (Fernald, 1985). So don't be embarrassed to use parentese to speak to your child. You're sure to get a smile in return.

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Tips for Parents!

Talk to your baby throughout your day. Even if children doesn't understand what your words mean, they love to hear the sounds of language, and see your facial expressions.

Don't be shy about smiling and making goo-goo eyes while you talk!

Move in close when talking to your child, so that your baby can see your face and your lips move as you talk.

Draw out your vowels and pitch your voice as high as you like.

Smile and make eye contact.

Praise your child.

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Babies are active learners from the start! Think of your home as your child's first classroom and everybody in your home as your child's first teachers.
Try to set positive examples early on. Show babies positive examples to imitate and remember like giving hugs, treating others well and playing with toys in fun new ways.
Be careful about what your child sees on television. Always be aware of what your child is watching. He may learn negative behaviors which could be harmful to him.

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