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The January NDIIPP partners meeting was at UC San Diego, hosted in part by the San Diego Super Computer Center (SDSC). LC has been hosting these meetings twice a year now for all the NDIIPP projects plus fellow travellers, and these gatherings have been less about us talking about our projects and more about LC informing us about their activities and plans.  They are also important opportunities for us to talk among ourselves, especially now that we are all well along into our third project year.

The PTV Digital Archive delegation, included Nan Rubin and Mike Boeglin from Thirteen, Leah Weisse from WGBH; from NYU Howard Besser, Unni Pillai and Brian Hoffman; Glenn Clatworthy, Julie Fenderson and Irene Taylor from PBS, and Jeff Ubois.

The meeting focused on strengthening the ties between projects by scheduling a range of break-out sessions where groups could discuss issues in depth and exchange resources. There was a special emphasis on technical issues, and which our team found very helpful. There were also useful breakout sessions on economic issues and legal issues, and on metadata. A few of us presented at the plenaries or breakouts, including Thomas and Leah, in addition to Nan.

Being in San Diego also offered an opportunity for our folks to meet with the staff at SDSC about NYU’s plans to use SDSC’s SRB (storage resource broker) service as part of the management scheme for repository operations.  (We also enjoyed a nice dinner with the fishes at the Scripps Aquarium.)

NDIIPP Strategic Outcomes
A meeting of the PI’s was scheduled at the same time, and we met for a half-day before the general partners meeting began, and again for a few hours after the closing plenary. The discussions revolved around the Strategic Outcomes that LC wants to present:
* National Digital Collection
* National Digital Content Stewardship Network
* Technical Infrastructure for the Network
* Digital Preservation Sustainability
* Public Policy for Digital Preservation

Based on these goals, LC is asking all the NDIIPP projects to focus on these collaborative efforts as well as our individual activities.  We don’t see any difficulties with these, because they fit pretty nicely into our own plans, too.

LC also produced an animation to introduce the World Digital Archives. It’s a large file, but as good as anything out of Pixar. Three minutes to show the digital archives at your fingertips!