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Our Work

The key is designing a preservation repository that the public television system can afford to maintain and use. Our tasks are aimed at designing a model repository based on deciding criteria both for what will go into the repository and how it will function.

  • Completing an inventory of our at-risk materials to prepare for selection;
  • Reviewing best practices in the field of video archiving;
  • Conducting focus groups to help set standards and policies;
  • Ingesting sample materials and testing the repository.

In keeping with our commitment to share our progress, we will keep this site current with reports and other documents are they are written.

Technical Issues

PDFNotes from the Wrapper RoundTable meeting at the Library of Congress, March 9, 2006 rev April 4, 2006

PDFBibliography: Preservation File Formats for Video & Associated Metadata rev March 10, 2005

PDFNotes from a meeting on formats for digital video preservation related to the Preserving Digital Public Television project funded by NDIIPPApril 17, 2005

PDFNDIIPP Preservation Partnerships Technical Architecture Survey July 2005

PDFFactors for Evaluating Preservation File Formats for Digital Video

PDFMeeting of NDIIPP Public Television Project August 19, 2005

PDFNotes on formats and wrappers by Carl Fleischhauer March 2005, revised February 2006

Selection & Appraisal

PDFRecommended  Appraisal Guidelines by Mary Ide and Leah Weisse

PDFNebraska State Historical Society
based on Paul Eisloeffel’s presentation at the 2003 AMIA meeting.

PDFDigital Preservation of Moving Image Material? Howard Besser

PDFBEST PRACTICES SURVEY – Preserving Digital Public Television

PDFAppraising Public Television Programs: Toward an Interpretive and Comparative Evaluation Model Thomas Connors

PDFFocus Group Discussion Guide

PDFFocus Group Report – Producers

PDFFocus Group Report – Scholars

PDFFocus Group Report – History Professors

PDFFocus Group Report – Social Studies Teachers

PDFFocus Group Report – TV Writers

PDFDeveloping Preservation Appraisal Criteria for a Public Broadcasting StationMary Idle and Leah Weisse

PDFIntro to Focus Groups – WGBH

PDFNDIIPP Appraisal Bibliography12/28/04



PDFPBCore 1.0 Released! April 4, 2005

PDFNotes from NDIIPP public television project metadata meeting December 12, 2005

PDFMIC powerpoint presentation