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February 28 + March 1, 2007
PBCore Training: 2nd Live Sessions Scheduled

Please join us for the second in a series of four live Webinars on using PBCore. This session is “PBCore 102: The PBCore Elements.”

As many are aware, a metadata dictionary used to describe the intellectual content, rights, and formats of public broadcasting media has been developed and made available for your use. It is called PBCore, or Public Broadcasting Core of Metadata Descriptions ( PBCore is being used in public radio, television, and beyond to describe, publish and share content, and to allow others to find your content.

But how do you actually use PBCore? “PBCore 102: The PBCore Elements” will describe the element dictionary, show the creation of an actual PBCore record and detail the resources available to help you learn more about the rules of the PBCore dictionary. This presentation will be held on Wednesday, February 28, at 2:00pm Eastern time, and repeated on Thursday, March 1, at 2:00pm Eastern time. Hosted by the PBCore Project at WGBH/NCAM, both sessions will be conducted via WebEx, and there is no charge to attend. All you need is a phone, a Web browser and an Internet connection. (The complete PowerPoint presentation and a PDF version of the slides will be available for download before, during and after the

To sign up for this training presentation, please go to, click on the “Upcoming” tab and register for the session you want to attend. Note that you will be prompted to install the WebEx client once you have completed the registration form. You may install the client at any time prior to the session. Please contact Geoff Freed at g e o f f _ f r e e d @ w g b h . o r g if you have questions about registration or the presentation itself. If you recently had difficulty using WebEx with your Intel Macintosh computer, this problem has been resolved by WebEx. All participants will be prompted to download the
new WebEx client, regardless of OS.

“The PBCore Elements” is the second training presentation in a series being developed by the PBCore Project. Here is the complete schedule:

Session 1. PBCore 101: Introduction to PBCore (held January 31 and February 1) An introduction to the nature of metadata and the PBCore.

Session 2. PBCore 102: The PBCore Elements (February 28 and March 1) A more detailed look at the structure of PBCore, what the elements are and how to use them to describe media objects.

Session 3. The PBCore XML Schema: What It Is and How It Works (dates TBA) A general discussion of what an XML Schema is, and a look at how the PBCore XML Schema can be used to implement the PBCore metadata dictionary within information and cataloging systems. Also explains how important the XML Schema is for sharing metadata and interoperability.

Session 4. Cataloging Tools for PBCore: What’s Available and How They Work (dates TBA) A detailed discussion of tools that use PBCore. The tools facilitate the markup of descriptions for media objects and have data-export capabilities for sharing and interoperability.

For a complete review of PBCore training materials, visit our Web page

The PBCore Project is administered by the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH (NCAM). Initial PBCore development, advocacy and training is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.