Programs Aren’t Enough: We Need to Save Our Websites, Too!

The Library of Congress, charged with the long-term preservation of America’s history and cultural heritage, has funded Preserving Digital Public Television specifically to design an archive for long-term preservation of public television programs being produced in a ‘born-digital’ environment.

Websites are where the public now turns for up-to-date information,  resources and background materials, and they have become required  as key components for  every public television production, both local and national.  Websites provide expanded information about any given program, and increasingly, they also reflect large amounts of original information, video and other cultural expression in their own right.  

Public broadcast stations themselves also have active websites, which provide more than scheduling information, but also offer local news, features, commentary and other content that ties them directly to their communities.

Because these sites contain far more content and audience engagement than any single broadcast can possibly squeeze onto the air, saving them as part of the broadcast record is as central to preserving our national culture as saving the television programs themselves.

As part of our digital preservation initiative, we have begun saving the majority of websites related to the public television system – both stations and program productions. Our goal is to expand the archives of resources that will preserve digital public television offerings by capturing and preserving these key internet-based program materials used widely by the public. 

These web crawls are a collection of snapshots made once a month, based on a list of stations and organizations current as of the end of 2007.

What you see here is the historical record of the web site.

* Lists of selected organizations, stations, and programs are below;
* Alternatively, you may browse or search the full collection.

Over time, we’ll be updating the lists, highlighting some of the websites in the collection, and making these materials more accessible.   We thank the Internet Archive for partnering with us on this project and providing technical support. 

National Service Organizations

A Sample of Public Broadcasting Station Websites

Representative Programs and Series