From the very beginning of the Preserving Digital Public Television Project, Selection and Appraisal issues have been at the core of our work.  Some of our earliest research and publications were on this topic.

Mary Ide and Leah Weisse (WGBH), “Developing Preservation Appraisal Criteria for a Public Broadcasting Station.” The Moving Image, Vol 3, No 1, Spring 2003. 

Recommended Appraisal Guidelines for Selecting Born-Digital Master Programs for Preservation and Deposit with the Library of Congress” By Mary Ide and Leah Weisse (WGBH Archives). May 25, 2006. Includes recommendations, examples from the WGBH Archives, focus group studies, and a best practices survey study of moving image archives around North America.

Components of the larger Recommended Appraisal Guidelines Report can also be downloaded individually: