Some of our work on file formats for preservation.  Our report on the technical architecture of the prototype preservation repository should be available in early 2010.

Dave MacCarn's (WGBH) 2003 Digital Asset Management Unified Field Theory Diagram
Dave MacCarn’s (WGBH) 2003 Digital Asset Management Universal Field Theory Diagram (click to enlarge)

Repository Design Report with Attached Metadata Plan, written by Joseph Pawletko with contributions by Nan Rubin (WNET) and Kara Van Malssen (NYU). March 2010.

Survey of Digital Formatting Practices in Public Television Program Production.” Written by Dave MacCarn (Chief Technologist, WGBH), Edited by Nan Rubin.  September 2007.

Notes from the Wrapper Roundtable. Prepared by Carl Fleischhauer (Library of Congress) with additions by Glenn Pearson and edited by Nan Rubin. March 9, 2006.

Factors for Evaluating Preservation File Formats for Digital Video.” Prepared by Jerome McDonough (New York University) for the Preserving Digital Public Television Project, 2005.

Notes from a meeting on formats for digital video preservation related to the Preserving Digital Public Television project funded by NDIIPP.  Held as an adjunct session to the PBS 2005 Technical Conference.  April 17, 2005.

Carl Fleishhauer (Library of Congress), “Discussion Paper on Video File Formats and Wrappers.” March 2005.

Bibliography: Preservation File Formats for Video and Associated Metadata, March 2005.