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From The Daily Yomiuri:

The entire NHK archive of more than 550,000 television programs should be made available on the Internet, an advisory panel for Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Heizo Takenaka agreed last week, prior to a final report to be announced later this month.

To achieve this goal, the ministry should lift the ceiling currently imposed on NHK, limiting income from Internet distribution to 1 billion yen a year, the panel said.

The panel also agreed the Broadcast Law should be revised to permit NHK to charge a viewing fee for the programs in addition to the standing viewing fee, sources close to the panel said.

Of the 550,000-plus programs owned by NHK, only about 5,700 are currently available on the Internet or to visitors to the NHK Archives in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, because of the regulation.

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