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The INA is setting a new standard for making television archives publicly accessible.

From the IHT:

One of the world’s leaders in digital audio and video has opened up its vault to the public, putting thousands of hours of radio and television recordings on the Internet for free.

Historic footage of Charles de Gaulle, Marc Chagall, Edith Piaf and Bob Marley, for instance, are available in small excerpts at in a variety of formats, for both high-speed and low-speed Internet connections…

About 80 percent of the collection is free. For copyrighted material, INA charges €1 to €3, or $1.29 to $3.86, for the purchase of a 48-hour viewing window or €1 to €12 for full downloads.

The IHT notes that the site is receiving about five million visits a day, and the INA is adding about 5,000 hours of footage per year to the public collection.

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