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WNET’s report on designing and deploying a preservation-compliant media asset management system for television production is now available. This report describes the design and implementation of a functioning video production media asset management (MAM) system designed specifically to facilitate the preservation of digital public television programs and associated content at public television station WNET in […]

After seven years of researching, testing, developing, analyzing, promoting and sharing, it is time to close out the Library of Congress-funded NDIIPP project Preserving Digital Public Television. Here is our Final Report. The report covers the major areas of our work: Project Goals, Structure and Organization Activities: Selection and Appraisal Inventory of At-Risk Materials Metadata […]

“Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues Relating to the Preservation and Future Accessibility of Digital Public Television Programs,” is now available.  It was written and edited by Kathleen Maguire (NYU), Nan Rubin (WNET), and Kara Van Malssen (NYU) with the PDPTV Copyright Working Group. This report explores the particular set of copyright and intellectual property (IP) issues that govern […]

After 5 years of work, we are very pleased to publish our Repository Design Report, which describes the architecture and design of the PDPTV model preservation repository! Developed by the Digital Library Technology Services team at New York University, the repository provided an important testbed and prototype for digital preservation of complex video files and […]

Strategies for Sustainable Preservation of Born Digital Public Television is a thorough investigation into the technical, operational, and economic requirements for sustainble preservation of file-based television production. It includes a case study of the costs associated with the PDPTV prototype preservation repository at New York University. This comprensive study was researched, written and edited by […]

News for the New Year

First of all, Happy New Year from the PDPTV gang!  There has been a lot of activity around archives and public broadcasting over the past few months, that we thought we’d share with you. 1. In November, the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) held their annual conference in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  Not only […]

40th Annual Conference of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) 20-25 September 2009 in Athens, Greece by Kara Van Malssen the author (left) and Karen Cariani (WGBH Media Library and Archives) in front of our poster on sustainability issues for public broadcasting preservation From 20-25 September 2009, the 40th annual conference of the […]

Analyzing Sustainability

One of the final projects of Preserving Digital Public Television is an assessment of sustainability for television archives in the public broadcasting system. While our final report is still in process, we’ve found a number of issues related to sustainability that are not unique to moving images and television, but which seem likely to reflect […]

Web Crawl Update

As part of our digital preservation initiative, we have saved copies of the majority of websites related to the public television system in 2007 – more than 300 websites of stations, program productions, and related organizations.  Working with the Internet Archive, we will be transferring our 5 terabytes of data to the Library of Congress […]

Marcia Brooks on PBcore

Current, “the newspaper about public TV and radio,” has a very nice two page article about PBcore by Marcia Brooks, who helped develop the proposal for CPB funding of the PBCore project and directed the project at WGBH for most of the last six years. Some of the main points: Almost six years ago CPB […]