Recap: How THIRTEEN Viewers Said Farewell to Downton Abbey

by Ariel Min | March 7, 2016

It was quite an emotional night.

There were many viewers fully prepared with the right kind of food, tea, outfits and more.

But of course, some were just not ready at all.

So in the ninth and final episode, baby Bates is born (it’s a boy)!

Edith and Bertie finally found their happy ending! Plus Edith and Lady Mary exchange sweet moments.

Carson’s health complications gave us a scare, because who doesn’t love Carson (especially Lady Mary!)?

Daisy also got a lot of attention with hair troubles and her new relationship with Handy Andy.

Of course, Barrow put us through an intense emotional roller coaster by leaving and returning as the head butler.

Meanwhile, we found out Mary and Henry’s secret.

Oh, and can’t forget about the Dowager Countess’ one-liners and the perfect ending.

In the end, we were all in happy tears.

But rejoice! THIRTEEN has more British shows coming up on the horizon!

Here is a list of British dramas that will be on THIRTEEN in April.

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